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Pipettes, Pipette fillers

Pipettes, Pipette fillers Pipettes, Pipette fillers

Pipette fillers

Pipette fillers Pipette fillers Pipette fillers


  • Comfortable and simple to use
  • Smooth and controllable thumb action
  • Precise and accurate pipetting
  • Compatible with blow-out, TD (to deliver), or gravity dispense pipets
  • Fits pipets from 1-25 ml
  • Removable and autoclavable silicone pipet holder
  • Acrylic stand available for storing up to five Smoothies
Smoothie Instruction

Pi pump

Pi pump

PI-PUMP 2500 pipetter made of acid-proof plastic, well suited for all pipettes.

By simply turning the well-placed handwheel with the thumb, a piston is moved inside the device which extracts or discharges liquid in the attached pipette as required. The pump is very easy to use and allows for exact dosing from one graduation mark to the next.

Sizes 2, 10 and 25 are equipped with an additional valve which meets the applicable German Federal Weights and Measures regulations for free flowing liquid drainage from discharge pipettes.

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