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Carbonation detection kit


The Carbonation Detection Kit provides a quick, simple field method of determining the extent of carbonation, a major cause of reinforcing steel corrosion in concrete structures. Carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere reacts with concrete, increasing the probability of steel corrosion as a result of chemical changes in the concrete. Carbonation is commonly found in older structures with large areas exposed to weathering processes.

The indicating solution is applied to a concrete surface freshly exposed by fracturing or coring. Uncarbonated areas immediately react with a bright pink permanent stain, uncolored areas, especially those close to a weathered surface, suggest the presence of carbonation. The depth of carbonation can be approximated visually. Estimate the rate of carbonation penetration by knowing both the existing depth of carbonation and the age of the concrete.

Art no.

Indication solution, 100 ml

HM-261, Carbonation detection kit incl. carring case, gloves, indication solution, instruction manual

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