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Ring and ball, automatic

Fabrikat Infratest

Fabrikat Infratest

EN 1427 – ASTM D36 – AASHTO P53; with glass ceramic heating plate and magnetic stirring motor with vairiable speed range below. The device is operated via touch panel. The microprocessor controlled system provides a temperature rise of 5 K/min. as per standard with continuous temperature measurement inside the glass beaker. The ring and ball values are automatically registered by two photoelectric cells right and left with digital display of results and difference. Two test options 30 to 80 degrees for water and 80 to 150 degrees for glycerol are provided. The system will be supplied with glass beaker 600 ml, magnetic stirrer and test frame with support for test rings, two balls and two ball centering devices. 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 kW.

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Fabrikat Matest

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This “high tecnology” digital microprocessor tester, designed and manufactured by Matest, automatically determines the softening point of asphalts and pitches.
Two laser sensors detect the balls fall determining the softening point.
The bath temperature is measured by an electronic system maintaining the gradient (5°C./min) as specified by the Standards.
Real time visualization of the Temperature(°C)-Time(sec) graph along the entire test.
A magnetic stirrer with electronic speed adjustment from 0 to 160 rpm also ensures an uniform temperature in the vessel during the test execution.
The touch-screen graphical interface allows an easy set up of the parameters and the immediate execution of the test.
High resolution color display, 1/4 VGA, offers all the functions of a PC for the management and analysis of data, test results, and graphs.

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