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Dynamic creep

Cooper Technology

This machine is a development of the nat which was developed by Keith Cooper and Professor Steven Brown at the University of Nottingham. The use of a high precision servo-pneumatic valve in conjunction with a low-friction actuator and sophisticated data acquisition and control, results in a performance that is equal to many servo-hydraulic systems.
Accurate, digitally generated waveforms are applied by the actuator producing repeatable stress variations in test specimens that are simulative of those in a road pavement due to moving traffic. The actuator is double-acting allowing both compressive and tensile forces to be applied. A triaxial cell system is available for the measurement of the resilient modulus of unbound materials.

Dynamisk kryp Dynamisk kryp



EN 12697-26 Annex CEN 12697-26 Annex D & EASTM D7369ASTM D4123ASTM D3497AASHTO TP31AASHTO TP62 / TP79

Permanent Deformation:

EN 12697-25 Methods A & B


EN 12697-24 Annex EASTM D7313 DCT (Disc shaped compact tension test)EN 12697-44 SCB (Semi circular bending test)

Simple Performance Tests:

Flow numberFlow timeNCHRP9-19; NCHRP9-29

Unbound Materials:

AASHTO T307 (previously TP46)NCHRP 1-28A

Dynamic creep Cooper 




used for fatigue, stiffnes and dynamic endurance tests for mastic and hot rolled asphalt and other stiff materials in a climate chamber with exchangeable test frames.

EN 12697/24 E (indirect tensile test)
EN 12697/25 A (cyclic compression test)
EN 12697/26 C (indirect tensile test)
Mastic asphalt cyclic compression test a.s.o.

Prospekt Dynamic testing machine

Dynamic creep Infratest

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