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Density gauges

We sell, service and do training in measuring and handling nuclear gauges.

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PDF Density gauges MC-3

MC-3 Portaprobe

All the features and functions of the MC-1, with these upgrades:

  • High-Resolution LCD Screen
  • Computer Interface Capability
  • Data Storage Features (up to 200 tests)
  • Automatic, Non-Contact Depth Strip
  • Thin-Life Overlay Mode, Density
  • Moisture and Trench Wall Offset Modes

Strata Moisture/Density Profile Gauge

InstroTek MC-S-24 Strata gauge is designed for density and moisture profile determinations of construction materials. The only Dual probe moisture/density gauge of its kind in the industry for measurement of soils, soil/cement, roller compacted concrete and agricultural/forestry soils.

In Civil and Geotechnical fields, this device is routinely used for determination of soil and aggregate compaction for dams and embankments, as well as quality control of roller compacted concrete (RCC).

A key Forestry and Agricultural use of this device is moisture and density measurement of soil profiles to determine the effect of compaction on crop growth and seedling emergence.

Measurements are made by using the provided Guide Plate and forming two access holes in the material. The gauge is placed on the material and probes are inserted at a specific depth up to 24 inches (60 cm/600mm), in increments of 2 inch (5 cm/50mm). The moisture and density readings from each specific profile are taken and displayed on an easy to read LCD display.

MC-S-24 Strata

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