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An innovative, non-nuclear method of determining SuperPave, Stone Matrix (SMA), and coarse mix asphalt air voids.


CoreLok performs 5 standard lab tests:

  • Bulk Specific Gravity
  • Maximum Specific Gravity
  • Aggregate Specific Gravity
  • Porosity
  • % Asphalt Content

The CoreLok® is a system for sealing asphalt samples so that the sample densities may be measured by water displacement methods. Samples are automatically sealed in specially designed puncture resistant polymer bags. Densities measured with the Corelok® system are highly reproducible and accurate. The results are not dependent on material type or sample shape. The GravitySuite™ PC software package calculates and manages your data for ease of operation.

One Machine for All your Gravity Measurements of Asphalt and Aggregate.

ASTM D6752, ASTM D6857, ASTM D7063. A fundamental density measurement. It does not require empirical calibrations. An accurate method for Bulk Specific Gravity measurement.


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