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Micro Deval

According to EN 1097-1

Used to determine the resistance of aggregates by abrasion. 

The machine essentially comprises a heavy steel frame on which the following stainless steel cylinders can be mounted:
4 cylinders dia 200x154mm, or
2 cylinders dia 200x400mm, or
2 cylinders dia 200x154mm and 1 dia 200x400mm
The Micro-Deval is supplied complete with separate control panel fitted with a digital automatic revolutions counter.
Supplied “without” stainless steel cylinders and “without” stainless steel spheres which have to be ordered separately.
It cannot be sold in CE markets without security cabinet (mod. A077-01)

Micro Deval

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Table model with solid steel housing and for safety reasons integrated drive system and 4 stainless steel test cylinders. The test cylinders, two each placed left and right to the electric motor are rotated about it´s horizontal axis with 100 1/min. A revolution counter stops the machine after presetted number of rotations have been reached. For safety reasons the machine can be started only when the safety cover of the housing has been closed. On option the steel housing can be covered inside with sound absorption material. Supplied including 4 stainless steel test cylinders with lid and sealing. Abrasive charges 42-0640 are not included. 





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