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Large capacity sieve shakers

Gilson Testing Screen, Test-Master®, and Porta-Screen® units have been industry standards for decades, and are in wide use all over the world. With screen areas much larger than Round Test Sieves, they quickly separate large, coarse-grained samples into six or seven fractions for accurate and efficient gradations. Screen Trays with ASTM or ISO testing grade wire cloth or steel Punched Plate are available.

Testing Screens Sida 1 Bild     Testmaster

TS-1 Gilson Testing Screen uses a quick-acting hydraulic pump system to clamp the screen trays in place. Trays are quickly released using the same handle. This more efficient model is recommended for labs with a steady workload of particle size testing.

TM-5 with six-screen tray capacity, and seven-tray TM-6 units feature the same reliable counterbalanced drive assembly, fully enclosed operation and electronic digital controller as our previous models. Sample vibration characteristics are identical to our TS-1 and TS-2 models and the Screen Trays are interchangeable. Internal rotating counterweights of the Test-Master® drive system equalize the vertical screening action to assure smooth, quiet operation and prevent transfer of vibrations to other lab instruments.

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Test-Master® accessories and options allow greater versatility for processing a wider range of materials. Standard vibration characteristics are designed for coarse materials of mid-range density such as limestone or gravel.

We offer frames with square perforated plates to fulfill the EN-standard (photo no.2 below).

Testing Screens Sida 2 Bild       TSA-137 och perforerad plåt    Testing Screens Sida 3 Bild        Nycander 10    

Nycander 20         Nycander 30            Nycander 40

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