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Products acc to norm

Part 1 Determination of the resistance to wear (Micro-Deval)

Part 2 Methods for the determination of resistance to fragmentation

Part 3 Determination of loose bulk density and voids

Part 4 Determination of the voids of dry compacted filler

Part 5 Determination of the water content by drying in a ventilated oven

Part 6 Determination of particle density and water absorption

Part 7 Determination of the particle density of filler ``Pycnometer method´´

Part 8 Determination of the polished stone value

Part 9 Determination of the resistance to wear by abrasion from studded tyres, ``Nordic test´´

Part 10 Determination of water suction height  

EN 1097  Mechanical and physical properties

Part 1 Determination of particle size distribution Sieving method

Part 2 Determination of particle size distribution Test sieves, norminal size of apertures

Part 3 Determination  of particle shape Flakiness index

Part 4 Determination of particle shape Shape index

Part 5 Determination of percentage of crushed and broken surfaces in coarse aggregate particles

Part 6 Assessment of surface characteristics Flow coefficient of aggregates

Part 8 Assessment of finess Sand equivalent test

Part 9 Assessment of finess Methylene blue test

Part 10 Assessment of finess Grading of filler (air jet sieveing) 

EN 933 Geometrical proporties

Part 1 Methods for sampling

Part 2 Methods for reducing laboratory samples

Part 3 Procedure and terminology for simplified petrography

Part 5 Common equipment and calibration

Part 6 Definitions of repeatability and reproducibility

EN 932 General proporties

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