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Mortar mixer

The most important and maybe the most decisive part for the testing of binders is the standard-conforming, reproducible preparation and production of specimens. We can offer a variety of different mortar mixers; everything from compact mixers to more advanced mixers with both water, sand and additives feeding.

Manufacture Toni Technik

Manufacture Toni Technik Manufacture Toni Technik Manufacture Toni Technik


  • 6211, Toni Mix 5 litre capacity
  • 6214.100/EN, Automatic mixer acc to EN 196-1, incl. program, sand feeding
  • 6214.200/EN, " " " " " " , Water dosing
  • 6215/EN, ToniMix Expert

Leaflet ToniMIX Classic Toni Technik

Leafet ToniMI X 6214

Leaflet ToniMIX Expert

E093, Automatic mortar mixer with three automatic sequences

E095, Similar to E093 but with automatic program, sand dispenser and safety doors acc to CE

E094 E093

E092KIT, Mixmatic, Automatic, programmable , computorized


E092-05, Dispenser for additives

E092-06, Automatic dispenser for water (controlled by the software)


Broschyr Matest

Manufacture Testing


1.0203, Mixer 5 liter

1.0203.01 “ “ with sand feeding

1.0205, " automatic controller and sand feeding

1.0206, Atomatic mixer with programmable controller for sand and water feeding

1.0206.01, Same as 1.0206, but also with dust exhaust system

Broschyr Testing

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