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EN 12697 Bituminous mixtures, Hot mix asphalt

Part 1 Soluble binder content

Part 2 Determination of particle size distribution

Part 3 Bitumen recovery: Rotary evaporator

Part 4 Bitumen recovery; Fractionating

Part 5 Determination of the maximum density

Part 6 Determination of bulk density of bituminous specimens

Part 7 Determ. of bulk density of bituminous specimens by gamma rays

Part 8 Determination of void characteristics of bituminous specimens

Part 9 Determination of the reference density

Part 10 Compactability

Párt 11 Determination of the affinity between aggregate and bitumen

Part 12 Determination of the water sensitivity of bituminous specimens

Part 13 Temperature measurement

Part 14 Water content

Part 15 Determination of the segregation sensitivity

Part 16 Abrasion by sudded tyres

Part 17 Particle loss of porous asphalt specimen

Part 18 Binder drainage

Part 19 Permeability of specimen

Part 20 Indentation using cube or Marshall specimens

Part 21 Indentation using plate specimens

Part 22 Wheel tracking

Part 23 Determination of the indirect tensile strenght of bituminous specimens

Part 24 Resistance to fatigue

Part 25 Cyclic compression test, Dynamic creep

Párt 26 Stiffness

Part 27 Sampling

Part 28 Determination of  binder content, water content and grading

Part 29 Determination of the dimensions of bituminous specimen

Part 30 Specimen preparation by impact compactor

Part 31 Specimen preparation by gyratory compactor

Part 32 Laboratory compaction of bituminous mixtures by vibratory compactor

Part 33 Specimen prepared by roller compactor

Part 34 Marshall test

Part 35 Laboratory mixing

Part 36 Determination of the thickness of a bitumious pavement

Part 37 Hot sand test for the adhesivity of binder on precoated chippings for HRA

Part 38 Common equipment and calibration

Part 39 Binder content by ignition

Part 40 In situ drainability

Part 41 Resistance to de-icing fluids

Part 42 Amount of coarse foreign matter in reclaimed asphalt

Part 43 Resistance to fuel

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