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Marshall Compactors

Automatic Marshall compactor acc to EN 12697-30

With a wooden anvil , sturdy compaction pedestal provided with a steel mould to be filled with Concrete on site, and a wooden anvil with a base plate.

The chain operated drop weight lifting device, driven by an electrical motor is equipped with a safety cover viewong window.  The ridgid mould spanner set, fixed on the base plate is equipped with  compaction hammer lifting device.

For accessories, please click here or go to  "Marshall, accessories" 

Model 20-1475, Aut Marshall compactor acc to EN 12697-30

Marshallcompactor model 20-1475

PDF Marshall equipment Infratest

Model B031, Automatic marshall compactor Matest acc to EN 12697-30

Marshallcompactors Matestmodel

PDF Marshall compactor Matest

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