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Nordic Ballmill

A small and handy ball mill for testing resistance to abrasion from studded tyres acc to EN 1097-9.

Nordische Prüfung

The machine consists of an electronic control unit and a rolled stainless steel drum having an inside diameter of 206.5mm, internal length 335mm and thickness of 6mm. The drum is rotated at a speed of 90±3 r.p.m. 3 mixer arms are installed inside of the drum to allow balls and aggregates to be mixed properly.The Nordic abasion machine, also called the Nordic Ballmill, has been developed for testing the resistance to abrasion/wear from studded tyres. Test is performed on natural stones and aggregates between 11.2 mm and 16 mm. Test consists of rotating aggregates in drum with steel abrasive balls and water.

The abrasion loss rate of aggregates is calculated after specified number of revolutions stated in the related standard.

The standard machine can also be used for the Micro Deval test (a modification and a new Micro Dveal drum has to be ordered in addition).

Art no.

TA-0750 Nordica Ball mill, strandard machine
TA-0750MI, Addition for Micro Deval modification and drum
LK-14.5, Gauge for testing steel balls 15 mm
LK-10.65, "            "              "         11.1 mm


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